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This journal, as you may be able to tell, is mostly Friends Only. I want to be able to know who's reading what.

However, I will occassionally post a public entry. These are for commission information, art sales, or anything else warranting a "HAY LOOK!" to the general public.

If you want onto my journal, and I don't add you first, simply friend me and make sure there's some way I can get in touch with you. This is especially true if I don't know you.

<3 Sno

Dear Russians,

Stop trying to get into my LJ. Plz go fuck yourself.

No <3


Dunno how long for. LJ is boring now a days... Not to mention I'm lucky to see it once a day. --

Email is the best way to reach me, via FA after that, or leave me a message on SecondLife. I log in there every other day at the least (or twice a day at the most --). I won't be on AIM much (if at all) until I have a new computer.

tsk tsk tsk...

Someone is trying to get into my LJ. Shame shame.

Pray I don't find out who the hell you are.

Pray really hard if you're one of the two people on eternal shit list. You know, the ones I will willingly chase into hell to torment.
Yeah... showing my journal to people I don't know? Bad ju-ju.

But hey, I get to use the ban hammer!

Also, there's this little thing called "truth." We all stretch it, we all flat out lie sometimes. But when you keep lying to yourself... or your friends... well, that really doesn't help the problem. Of course, then placing that blame on someone else isn't cool either.

Once again, I will repeat that I keep private things private. Of course, if the need arises, I don't have a problem with dragging proof out of that "private" category.

But, privacy is why the comments are screened.


FurAffinity members, please take a look at the forums if you haven't.


Gushi also hosts my website, and I know he hosts the sites of many others. If nothing else, please send healing thoughts his way...

I'm going to go work on some arts...

... Oops... Forgot.

SO! Back on the 23rd at some hour when I should have been in bed, I posted about a commission thing I was going to try.

I also said I would post with more information later, and I then I forgot.

Anyway: there are 6 colors of card stock that I currently have on hand. There's some nifty other colors I want to get eventually, but, this is it. Also, somewhere in TN I have some earthy tones, but... those are currently several states away. ^^;;;

Here are four of them: red, blue, green, and gray. Keep in mind, those may display differently, but you can at least get an idea.

This is the cream colored card stock I have.

The sixth color is white. I don't think it's necessary to scan that, but if you want to know the brightness of it, I can certainly take a look to let you know.

Now, cutting things for length and organization.

If you want one of these little commissions from me:
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Some things to keep in mind:
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Personal drawing notes:
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The important part: Pricing.
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Other stuff (Including this now because I realize I never have clarified some of this before):
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Edit, 5.07pm: I changed the email address. I've been getting varying amounts of spam and I was supposed to have things mailed there from several people, and they either aren't getting through or I'm accidentially deleting them. >>


Went to bed at like... 8pm, woke up at 1:30am.

Not fun but, eh,

Anyway, since I'm getting very close to finishing Athos's commission and I'm having trouble deciding on how DelphinRana should look, I thought I would try a little experiment...

This is a quarter of a sheet of card stock (with a quick sketch of a dragon that I haven't fiddled with in a few days). That particular piece of card stock is grey, but I also have white, cream, blue, red, and green.

Thinking about offering a few commissions on those. Full color, with background (kinda like I've been doing the half sheets), for $13. If anyone would be interested, let me know. I'd at least like to get a couple of them so I can get the pattern and the knitting looms. More is better, of course.

(Quick Edit: As usual, the price includes getting the original to you. I'll post more information (what I can and can't do well, etc.) if there's interest in it.)

For those that are wondering, I am still hunting for a part time job. I applied at a learning oriented toy store today, and also was contacted by a staffing agency. I'll call them later and see about going in and trying to find part time work...

Project Report (updated as worked on)

March 17, 2007:
Pieces of card stock: 12
Sketches: 4
Inked: 4

... I'll make a table with these first 12 once I get a few more sketched. Because these will be for sale, the files I put online will be kinda small and they will be lower quality than what I normally post. And watermarked more than I usually do.

... I need to make a signature file...

Edit, 6:47am: Have a signature/watermark file made. I really do not like watermarks, but I do realize I need to have something to protect these, other than my usual "© 2007 Ashley "Snowhawk" Venable" that I stick in the corner. I grabbed an oekaki from 2003, and I'm using that for now. This is the same oekaki I want to have as a tattoo one day. ... One day. --

Edit2, 1pm, 03.17.07: Table under here...Collapse )


A while back, I posted about a contest Side 7 Radio was planning on doing. The problem is~! We need more listeners! (people in IRC would help too...)

One of the prizes? A Nintendo Wii. Yes, a Wii.

But this ONLY happens with more listeners!

You can listen to S7R by directing your player of choice to http://listen.s7radio.com:8000.

Need moar listeners! The kitty says it best!