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Forget Me Not

What mark will I leave?

5 February 1981
Everytime someone signs online, they should have to see a message saying something like "Rule #1 of Teh Intarnets™: DON'T BE A DICK. kthx."


Who is this?
I am Ashley, known to most as Snowhawk. I'll also use the name Kiwi. There's a couple others I don't use publicly, but you can find those out on your own. I am 26 as of February '07. I enjoy writing and art, and have my own little website for all that. I am the owner of the role-playing community damantru.

What are you?
I define my self as a furry. No, I don't find animals, plush or real, sexually attractive. No, I don't draw porn. No, I don't think I'm suddenly going to change into my character, my fursona as some would call her, and be all happy and good. It'd be fun if it happened, but I highly doubt it ever will.

I am, off the internet, a trained, professinal pet groomer, though currently unemployed. I am engaged to whosjonny.

More, plz?
I spend most of my time either job hunting, online, or playing games.

I do not see the internet as a bunch of screen names. There are people on both ends, and some would do well to remember that.

I am very open to my friends and aquantiances, and very honest with them and everyone else. If I lie about anything, it's simply an oversight on my part. I do not spread drama, and I do not publicly discuss it. I do expect people I converse with to keep private conversations private. I can be very blunt when I am explaining things. That is just in my nature and I often come off as a rude bitch. It's nothing personal, just how I am. If this offends you, then it's best to stay away.

I have various pets, including 2 dogs, a cat, 2 gerbils, a dwarf hamster, 3 rats, and various fish. There would be more if I had the room. Being as I have moved, I only have the gerbs and the hamster with me... and the fish. My dogs and cat are living with my family, and my rats are being cared for by friends. My fiancé has 2 dogs.

I collect My Little Ponies. Some times bring more Ponies in than others.

I like things that are pretty and shiny.

I'm easily distracted and change subjects quickly.

Why friend's only?
Simple. I don't want everyone and their brother prowling around.

kthx. <3


i&apos;m in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net


Should you feel so inclined, donations are always well accepted and appreciated.


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